How do I know where to place the pulls on my door?
The Kits will include a door pull locator to help drill the holes for the pulls consistently and vertically.

How do I hide the holes from my current hinges?
The recommended way is using a good quality wood putty to fill the holes and then sanding over it to get a smooth paintable surface

Do I need to sand my cabinets?
For the provided paint to stick well to your old cabinets, you need to sand the old cabinets until they are dull in appearance, not shiny. Recommend sanding with an electric, vibrating sander or a sanding block (included).

What kind of paintbrush do I need?
The recommended paintbrush is a general purpose, 1-1/2″, angle sash paint brush.

What tools does an installer need?
An installer needs sandpaper, drop cloth for painting, paint brush, electric drill, 1/16″ and 3/16″ drill bits, a hammer, and a Phillips screwdriver. An electric vibrating sander is helpful but not required.

What skills does an installer need?
An installer needs to be able to sand the old cabinet boxes until they are dull, paint the old boxes, use a hammer to gently tap the hinges into the new doors, and use an electric drill / screwdriver to install the new doors.

How do you clean the doors?
These doors are tough and need minimal care. If they get dirty, wipe them off with a cloth dampened with soapy water, or use an all-purpose household cleaner like Formula 409, Fantastic, or Mr. Clean. DO NOT use an industrial cleaner like Goof Off or a citrus based degreaser, as these powerful solvents can damage the finish.

I don’t want my doors drilled for hinges. What do I do?
Request decorative panels instead of doors.

Do you offer custom colors?
A paintable door that is primed and ready for any custom color is available. Make sure to request the color choice “paint ready.” These doors can be painted with most types of paint, in any color you like. You can use a brush or spray them.

Do you drill doors for pulls?
On slab doors only, holes can be drilled for doors pulls. You need to tell us whether the doors are uppers or lowers, and which side the hinges are on. On shaker doors, holes can’t be drilled for pulls, but locators are provided to make it easy for you to to install the pulls, level and straight.

Do you drill drawer fronts for pulls?
Holes will be drilled on all drawer fronts for pulls, unless requested otherwise.

What side of the door will the hinge holes be on?
Hinge holes are on the height side of the door, or the width of a hamper front.

Are your products green?
Wood products are recycled. They are made from the shavings and sawdust produced when trees are converted to framing lumber like 2×4’s. They are very green.

What are your Slab doors made of?
DuraBuild (TM) slab doors are industry standard, furniture-grade particleboard or MDF core surrounded by either a film laminate or thermofused melamine on front and back. They are edgebanded and laminated with a PUR glue that heat can’t melt. These products will never fall apart because they are in a hot environment. The doors match perfectly and have the same materials on front and back, so they are very unlikely to warp. Periodically water resistance test are done by putting them in a dishwasher on a normal wash cycle.

What are your Shaker doors made of?
Durabuild (TM) Shaker doors are industry standard, furniture-grade MDF wrapped in a high-tech film laminate. They are laminated with a PUR glue that heat can’t melt. These products will never fall apart because they are in a hot environment. The doors match perfectly and have the same materials on front and back, so they are very unlikely to warp.

What size hinges do I need?
Your representative will help you determine the necessary hinge size.

What hinge overlays do you offer?
1/2″, 3/4″ 1″, 1-1/4″ and 1-3/8″ hinge overlays are offered for frame cabinets and 1/2″ overlay for frameless cabinets. Not all overlays are available with both standard close and soft close.

Are your hinges adjustable?
All of our hinges can be adjusted up and down, right and left, and in and out (6-way). If you use the hinge locator that is provided in the kit, very little adjustment is required.

Do the hinges in your kits work with all cabinet boxes?
Yes, hinges are usable with almost all types of cabinet boxes whether framed or frameless.

Do you drill hinge holes?
Hinge hole boring is included with your order.

What kind of hinges do you sell?
Hidden, European-style, self-closing hinges are available. You can’t see them when the cabinet doors are closed. Hinges for cabinets with wooden face frames and for frameless cabinets are available. The hinges fit snugly into holes that are drilled in the back of the cabinet doors, and you tap them in with a hammer. The other side of the hinge screws to the cabinet. Most common overlay sizes are offered with a choice of regular, self closing hinges or soft close hinges that provide a quiet, smooth close.

If I need more paint, can I just run to my local Sherwin-Williams store for more?
Paint formulas are provided to buy additional paint, however, an exact paint match cannot be guaranteed. Each paint mixer is calibrated differently. Recommend you buy paint directly from representative.

Tell me about your paint.
Sherwin-Williams, high-performance, latex (water based) paint is provided. It sticks to all kinds of surfaces, including metal, old oil-based paint, and plastic. It’s so tough that it’s designed for interior or exterior use and guaranteed against fading. It’s easy to clean up, doesn’t smell too bad, and can be disposed of in a landfill. Many different paint types and formulations are tested before seclection of this paint as the best product for cabinet makeovers.

How do you label items and cartons?
Parts are labeled so it’s easy to know where they go. The cartons are labeled with their destination apartment number, and the individual parts are labeled as well. Each item is labeled with the order line item.

How are orders packaged?
All the items ordered for each project are packaged into one kit, so you won’t spend time sorting parts going to different apartments. Kits include custom-sized doors and drawer fronts, hinges, pulls, paint, and other items ordered. For each apartment, you’ll receive a Kit made up of approximately five boxes. The boxes will be labeled, “Apartment 1412, carton 1 of 5.” The carton with your hinges and pulls is labeled “Accessories Inside”. There is no extra charge for cartons and pallets.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Please contact your representative.

I am unhappy with my kit. What do I do?
Please contact your representative with any questions about your kit.

What if my measurements were wrong?
Every effort to correct or assist on any ordering errors will be made as quickly as possible. Please contact your representative for details.

I have a missing or damaged item. What do I do?
If you have an item missing or damaged, every effort to get a replacement to you will be made. All claims must be made within 30 days of receiving the product. Please make sure to take pictures of all damaged items and the boxes they arrived in. It is helpful to include the label of the door in pictures when you can. If any accessories are missing, look for a long white box that may be hiding under your doors depending on which way the box was opened. The label on this carton will say “Accessories Inside”.